Is Gokano com legit is an elite website on which registered users can acquire points by performing simple tasks. Those points can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

Is Gokano legit?

Yes, Gokano is legit. Gokano is not just a legitimate reward website but one of the most popular reward site we have ever seen online. Everybody talks about Gokano and the current search for the website is getting popular each day. It is free to join and we have seen lots of members making money and getting paid by the website. If you are actually looking for quick cash, then we suggest you give them a try Vist the website Here. But if you are looking for a better and more reliable reward sites visit HERE

Gokano Complaints and members’ feedback

Yeah, I stopped using the site after like a week. They might send out prizes every now and then but overall their setup is very fishy.
The big giveaway they that are not very legit is when you think about how they can afford to even give away the prizes. Their only source of revenue is from Google Adsense. I have used AdSense in the past and you make about $2.00 per thousand page impressions with a few clicks from those impressions. So if you do the math you can easily see that their revenue model is no way able to promise the prizes they are offering. Plus I’m sure most users are just logging in, getting the points and leaving after 1 minute. They will never even click the ads.
I’m sure the creators had good intentions at first but then quickly realized that they would never be able to keep their promises so instead of just fessing up and modifying the website they just chose to keep the illusion going.
If they wanted to be legit, they would just create an auction site and then auction off the prizes to the highest bidder but then everyone would quickly realize that you probably need 500+ points to even get a pen or simple USB drive. So most would just quit outright.

I just do not use these sort of sites. I am only willing to sign up if there is a GUARANTEE I can claim a prize not a giveaway entry.

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Note: Since you have nothing to loss, it will be a very good idea to register from this post so we can be able to assist you by getting in touch with them if you have any problem in the future. We have the power to force them into rectifying their faults. However, we cannot do anything if you try to trick the system. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us.

I’ve noticed the only proof people provide is cheaper stuff like earbuds and pen drives. I guess you could provide the argument that it’s a newer site and that no one has been able to cash out on anything bigger but still, it just seems like they’ll send out a few cheaper things to have people provide proof and so that everyone will pay for the restock. I myself quit using after a few days when I realized it was such a gamble and my time was better spent on other things.

I outlined in another thread my process, but I basically proved they release only the cheapest items, and in very small quantities. They don’t even make available any of the larger prizes.

Gokano Features information

As a Standard member, you will earn 1 point for every one of the actions you take part on the website, while Gold members earn double the points! To be able to receive the Gold rank (and get a free t-shirt along with it) you just need to invite about 30 people!

-Do NOT cheat to earn points faster, be legitimate and follow the rules and regulation!

-Note that Gokano is terminating false/inactive accounts and dishonest members are losing their points as well.


Gifts are divided in three categories: Gadgets, Electronics and Accessories.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the Electronics prizes you can win on Gokano:

Gokano Prizes

Prizes are not always available, you need to wait for the restocks to order them!


Gokano always announces that date of restocks.

Next restock: unknown (waiting for Gokano to announce it).

Restocks only last for few minutes, so you need to be really lucky or quick to order your prize.


Gokano is based in Poland (Europe) but they ship prizes to any country worldwide completely for free!

Prizes are shipped within 28 working days from order’s date.

Gokano Payment Proofs
While writing this Gokano review, we searched and research the whole worldwide web for Gokano payment proofs and were able to find a few of them. Below are two of the few Gokano Payment proofs we found.

Prizes are received completely for free! No costs and no shipping fees!

Gokano Payment Proofs

Gokano Payment Proof

1. How to get Gokano GN Points?

GN Points can be acquired in three different ways:

– Log in to your Gokano account daily and get your points by clicking GET DAILY GN – this way you can generate points once for every 24 hours.
– Invite your friends through INVITE FRIENDS tab and earn points for every friend you invited to the website.
– Perform daily missions from MISSIONS tab
– Perform social missions from MISSIONS tab
– Perform extra missions from MISSIONS tab

2. The prize can not be ordered because it is unavailable. Why?

Prizes are available during restocks (big, mini or fast). Big Restocks are usually once in about 40 days. The dates of restocks are usually announce on Gokano official fan page as well as in the news section on

3. How many people you have to invite to receive the GOLD MEMBER rank and to acquire 2 times the GN Points?

30 people.

4. Does Gokano ship prizes to any country in the world?

Yes, they do.

5. How many points you will receive for each task?

– for inviting a member – 1GN
– for daily log-ins and clicking GET DAILY GN – 1GN
– for daily missions – 1GN or more
– for social and extra missions – Differently
– Members with GOLD MEMBER rank receive double the amount of points for each task!

6. Restock – what is it?

It’s the moment when the prizes are available to be exchanged for points. Remember that the amount of prizes is limited.

7. VP points – what is it?

Prizes that can be bought with VP points are available all the time, so you do not have to wait for restock! You only need to gather enough points to order your prize instantly.

Conclusively, Gokano is actually a legit reward site, but they are new in the system which is why you must be careful the way you make use of the website. Anyway, since it is free to join, you do not have anything to lose. You can go a heard and give them a try but remember to always cashout your earnings as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal requirement.

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Do you have any experience with Gokano? Good or bad, you may use the comment section below to give us your Gokano personal experience or a brief Gokano review.

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Dec 7, 2019

by Anajur Rahman on Top Reviews Site

This is a fake site

I order a earphone from but now almost 2 years gone the item was not delivered..and when i am trying to check the status. I visit and my all GN and VP points is become 0(zero) ,when i go to profile my order is never shows there...
Don't use this site its fake